Thank you to all of the fantastic brides, families and couples that we spoke with today at the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal show.  We are thrilled with the response to our new bridal service offering and high interest level we received at the show!  Be sure to follow our blog and we’ll do our best to keep up with adding all the new photographs of our unique new “after the wedding” coverage — “Back-In-The-Dress!”

What’s “Back-In-The Dress?”……The wedding day festivities are over, the honeymoon is now a distant memory — it’s the perfect time to “get back into your dress” for a fun, fashionable and playful photo session.   These photos aren’t your typical wedding day looks either.  They are fresh, different, fun and a bit wild!

Our list is rapidly growing as we find new locations to take our couples to for their sessions. It’s is a great chance to laugh and have fun while capturing some fantastic shots of you alone or you and your sweetie dressed in your wedding attire.  Sessions are two hours and do not require any special preparations.  It’s a stress free, fun way to to add some different looks to your wedding portfolio.  The best part is when you share them with your friends they are baffled how you pulled it off!  Especially when they thought they were with you every step of that special day!

Book your “Back-In-The-Dress” session today…we promise, fun, laughter and a great time as we re-create the look of your wedding day without the time deadlines, guests  and anxiety!

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