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About Black Eyed Susan Photography

SusanBlack-150x150Have you ever heard someone describing some amazing event in their life and you could tell that the event was so magnificent that it could not really be put into words? That is actually quite common, and probably one of the main reasons why people buy cameras. After all, over 90% of all brain activity is related to processing and making sense of the visual information we receive from the world around us, so it only makes sense to capture those special moments in pictures. Now ask yourself the same question as before, but then change it ask if the moment was described with both words and pictures.

Pictures tell stories, and those special moments can speak entire volumes. That is really what I do. Hi, my name is Susan Black, and I’m a Certified Professional Photographer, but more than that I am a story teller. Ever hear the expression that a picture is worth 1000 words? That’s only if the photographer lacks in eloquence. My photographs fill book after book because I don’t view the photograph as a modern-day version of the canvas. I view photographs as a way to literally seize the moment and freeze it, but still leave it in such a state that the actions, motivations, raw emotions, and the environment seem more like they are on pause and ready to be resumed rather than muted and stuck in time.

Capturing the details and energy of a scene is what makes a photograph tell an entire story, and that story can HolidayParty2014speak to anyone. I happen to be a romantic, so the photographs that appeal to me best are those that speak of love, dedication, and use positive powerful emotions to convey connection. It could be the connection between two lovers, between a family and their pet, or even a fisherman and his trawler. But to me, pictures are about emotional connections that tell those tales to anyone that sees them, and they simply beg for stories to accompany them.

Why do you need a professional photographer like myself? Simple. Life is a series of instants, and once they are gone, they are truly gone. You could say a thousand words to give someone the rough idea of a basic photograph, or a hundred thousand to tell the stories captured in the photographs that I take. Or, you can just use pictures. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your memories, because you never know who will want to hear your tale.

I’m a full time, Certified Professional Photographer and a Certified Professional Photographer Liaison.  I am currently the President of  TAPPA – Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association as well as member of five professional photography associations; my studio is registered, licensed and fully insured in the State of Florida. I am listed as one of Tampa’s TOP TEN Photographer’s for 2011 through 2014.  I love what I do, and that is help you create photographs that are stuffed with memorable moments. I do all this without being intrusive, because I’m not part of your story, I’m just your story teller.