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Family Portraits in Tampa

Time has an interesting way of making the great moments of today fade into and then eventually out of memory tomorrow and the day after. It is a tragedy, but from marriage to pregnancy to the newborn days and weeks, even throughout childhood, we are bound to forget many of the moments that we live through despite how memorable they seem at the time. In the end, we are left with a handful of memories for those special times, and that is truly a tragedy. Good times should never be forgotten, and they do not have to be! The trick to capturing the memories from these good times forever is surprisingly simple: photographs!

Capture those special moments that start with the very beginnings of life, that special little baby bump that quickly grows and swells as an unspoken bond between Mom and unborn baby develops. See Dad’s hand touching the swollen belly, and watch as he matures to meet an entirely new phase in life.

When baby does arrive, everyone is missing out on sleep! This makes the memory far worse, and that is perhaps the greatest tragedy as those newborn moments are some of the most amazing. The way the baby looks like an aunt or uncle from a certain point of view, or the smile that was identical to a great-grandfather’s. All of these little moments are great to experience, but very hard to share unless you get some great newborn photos.

As baby grows up, try your best to get some of those special moments during their first year photographed as well. That first step, the ability to stand and cruise, or even just a silly face whenever a special toy is presented to them. Capture these moments and cherish them forever. Remember, someday this little one will have a baby of its own, and you can share the experience with baby 1st year photos and take a trip down memory lane while showing your child what the future holds for them.

As your child grows up and slowly gets ready to take on the world, you want to be able to capture those moments as well. The clothes she wore on her first day of kindergarten, the first Cub Scouts uniform, the first team jersey from the children’s soccer league, and more. These special moments are literally years in the coming, and they are gone in just the blink of an eye. Will you even remember it in 10 years without some amazing photos of your children?

Your children are an investment in the future of your family, and the future of us as an entire community. Make good on that investment by capturing those special moments from before they were born right up until the time that they have little ones of their own with everything from pregnancy photos to newborn pictures, snapshots of baby’s first year, to all those special moments children go through and be sure to show them these pictures as they get older to help strengthen that sense of family and community. As an added bonus, you can share these amazing life moments with friends and family, showing your love and pride in your child.

Not every picture is the same though, and here at Black Eyed Susan Photography, we have a basic philosophy: your pictures are about you and your story, not about some backdrop or nifty Photoshop effect. We don’t have our own pictures; we have your pictures. Pictures that tell your story, the story of life itself, and how you have made your own life truly unique and how your new arrival (or arrivals!) will make that story even more personal. What is your family’s story? We want to know, and we want to help you capture it for all time and for everyone to see and remember!