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Tampa Senior Pictures

You really do have a choice when it comes to who captures your senior images. While it is true that most schools have an designated “yearbook” photographer. It’s your choice what photography studio captures your keepsake portfolio of images. Let the “yearbook” photographer do the job he was hired by the school to do…the yearbook pose only. We can create the perfect senior capture experience for you! Don’t you deserve deserve amazing images? Ones that you can’t wait to show to your friends and share? After all, it’s your SENIOR YEAR, you are the star, your turn to be the “leader of the pack!”

At Black Eyed Susan Photography, you won’t find stiffly posed, cookie cutter images. Our captures are Fresh, Fun and Fantastic. No matter what your personality or style, we always bring out your best. What are you waiting for? It’s time to do it up right! Time to celebrate your accomplishments with amazing images that preserve this here today and gone in a flash time of you life.

We have a fresh photographic style that allows your personality and individuality to shine through. By infusing your personal interests into the session, it creates a images that are uniquely yours. We cater to High School Seniors and families. We are trend setters and industry leaders in portraiture. Our style is extreme, with your choice of on-location or in-studio capture. From fashion to sports, we cover a wide range activities and looks. Just let us know what you love and we’ll design the perfect capture session that lets your personality shine through.

Professional hair stylists and make-up artists are available for those who would like to really “glam” it up! Bring along your own personal props or feel free to use our vast array accessories we have at the studio. Have a favorite friend, pet or item? Add them to your session. By adding something or someone that’s important to you, it expresses your individuality and style. This fun and personal style of photography can be done at our professional portrait studio or out on location in a casual setting. Other locations include a theme park, the beach, sporting arena or family favorite location.

Let’s Talk About Specialty Items and Popular Props

Dogs, cats, horses, exotics, if you are passionate about it, it’s worthy of professionally recording it in an image.

Accessories & Outerwear Clothing

This grouping goes from head to toe, includes hats, scarves, sunglasses, boots, footwear, belts, umbrellas & signature accessories. Let your imagination run wild. Do you have a signature style? Here’s your chance to really play it up. Go ahead; be a bit wild, the photographs will be epic!

Vehicles (Car, motorcycle, bike)

Weather it’s a clunker or a super car, moped or sport bike or any vehicle in between. This category is hot! You propped up against your wheels, gives the image the finishing touch. If you have access to any rusted or old collectible or antique automotive examples, they make for some amazing shots too!

Gaming, TV / Movies, Special Interests, Clubs & Hobbies, cosplay

This category opens the lens wide for just about any personal passion. The sky’s the limits as long as it’s legal and safe. Calling all heroes and heroines! Play it up or suggest it subtly, it’s your time and your style so you set the pace. Hobbies come in all shapes and forms. Collections, books, role-playing and cosplay, it’s all part of who you are.

Sporting Equipment & Team Accessories

If it involves a ball or if you just have a ball doing it. It can also include surfboarding, skateboarding, rollerblading, or biking. High spirited cheer leading, gymnastics or marshal arts. Yes, we do count ultimate Frisbee too! Don’t forget your trophies, pennants and metals, as they deserve recognition as well. If you enjoy exercise or relaxation from it, then it counts in this category.

Musical Instruments

Marching to rock and roll band, beginner to seasoned musician, music photos are powerful. Featuring the instrument and the relationship the blends the student into making a joyful noise.

Uniforms, Team Jackets & School Shirts

This is where you get fully dressed, or as dressed as you’d like to be. Football shoulder pads with dramatic light make a powerful statement. Uniform and team attire tells the story of your senior year.

Other Suggestions for Props

Ethnic and/or religious items, arts or artistic expression works. Shoot at a favorite local hot spots or places frequently visited. Be creative; come up with your own unique prop that adds character, personality and style to your image.

Your photographer will discuss with you the various ways to incorporate your specialty item into your senior photo. Specialty sessions and the props give the image a sense of the student’s passions and interests.